The people who live in Siófok and also the tourists who are welcome can be the part of a vivid and bustle bath life. But  Siófok also offers a lot of recreational programs and massive clubs.


  Balatonfüred looks back on a history of more than two thousand years, as it was inhabited as early as the Roman era. Famous poets, writers and politicians spent their summers and found recreation here. Its attractiveness is due to its beautiful location, the healing power of its carbonated springs, the fine, aromatic wines grown in the Uplands, and above all, to the hospitality of the people who live here.


  The town received its name from the combination of 'Balaton' and ‘földvár’, which is the Hungarian word for a defensive structure made of clay or soil, fortified by wood. The ‘földvár’ was built in the late Iron Age, during the occupation of the Celts.
Most of this structure was eventually washed away by the lake.


  Keszthely is one of the most popular settlements of the beach of the Balaton by virtue of its patinated townscape having good atmosphere, monuments, museums, and hectical nightlife.


  The Hévíz medicinal lake, unique throughout the world, awaits you amongst exquisite green surroundings. The forested parks and the town’s protected flora extending around the lake are a token of the peaceful relaxation and healing.


  Tihany is a jewel of not only the Balaton but also Hungary. Since the nineteen sixties masses of tourists, both Hungarians and foreigners, have been visiting the place. Its main assets are the historical and cultural relics related to the monasetry, the unique landscape and the recreational possibilities.


  Have you ever woken up in the middle of a meadow full of wild flowers? We invite you to the most beautifull flowery garden of Hungary!

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