We've paid a visit to Hungary's capital city Budapest, where we came across many charming restaurants, gigantic
nightclubs, and stunning women!


  Hungary's most popular lake is the Balaton. The major
spots of this vibrant and unforgettable location are Siófok and Füred.


  Brussels is the capital of Belgium and the  administrative centre of the European Union. This has earned the city the title of the Capital of Europe.


  Szentendre a charming town in Hungary with Mediterranean atmosphere and lively art life near Budapest on the Danube bank deserves a at least a 2-3 day visit.


  Most people aren't aware that Visegrád is the smallest town in Hungary with only 1700 residents. This national memorial place with a restless history celebrates its Millennium in 2009.


  Barcelona  is one of the most dynamic and stylish cities in Europe.


  Costa Blanca offers one of the best and most extensive ranges of tourist amenities in the world through the quality of its services, its excellent climate and its cultural richness.

Costa Blanca

  We gave one of Rome's district, Testaccio's night life a try!


  In celebration of the carnival of Venice, we've put together some footage of the city's restaurants, hotels and naturaly, of the Carnival.